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you can make it! and then so many months of freedom o/

cry cry i don’t feel like i can though… i want my freedom now! T___T

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when are your final exams? dw high school will be over soon enough and then you won’t have to bother with the subjects you hate anymore!

october/november its so close yet so far away xP  i can’t wait for it to all just be over and done with ;-;

Tag Game :3


Food: Cake, ice cream

Drink: Coffee, tea, bubble tea, cold water

Book: ???

Tv shows: Friends 

Band: Shinee & TVXQ

School subject: NONE. they all suck and i regret choosing all of them

Actor: ??? 

Actress: ???

Siblings: big bro & big sis

Dream job: I’m so done with this question. I DONT KNOW T___T

Fears: pretty much anything with 6 or more legs

Religion: Catholic (but not really lol) 

Tattoos: none

Piercings: ears 

Languages: english, vietnamese & learning french

Reason behind my url: yunho is squishy :3 

First url: ever? i have no clue…for this blog? dbskalwaysthere 

# of blogs: 2 that i use & 3 that are saved URLs

Tag game No.2

16 things that make me happy

friends, music, good grades, sugar, games, sunshine, puns, art, learning, anime, weekends, nail art, making things, cute stuff, seeing others happy, new clothes