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Squishyyun is on HIATUS again
Bye byeeee :3

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- TVXQ’s MV view counts

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Anonymous asked: that random moment when the camera zooms into some random part of their body when preforming and youre all like go film somewhere else, i wanna see their face or something

That random moment where you get an anon messaging you about something you have little recollection talking about :P

Anyway…Kinda depends where and when they’re zooming in~ But I guess it’d be nice to get some clearer shots of their faces or the dance sometimes rather than zooming in and out randomly…HAVE YOU SEEN HOW AWFUL SOME OF THE CAMERAWORK WAS FOR THE SPELLBOUND PERRFORMANCES?! They gave me a headache >.<

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the URLs jungyunho and yunhojung are taken and have no posts whatsoever T___T whyyy.

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